November Update

It has been a long time coming, but the final steps of the Water Trails Master Plan are in motion.  The plan itself is nearly complete, and the Recommendations section for three jurisdictions are already published online: Black Hawk County, Cedar Falls, and Evansdale.  The water trails coordinator is now presenting the recommendations to elected officials in each jurisdiction for their review and final comments.  Once complete, City and County staff from every jurisdiction will meet to develop the Sponsor Agreements which is the final step needed to complete the planning process and designate the Cedar River and Black Hawk Creek as State Water Trails.  A dedication event will follow, likely in summer of 2020.

In social media news, 286 people are now following the Cedar Valley Water Trails Facebook page!  Are you one of them?  Give us a like!  The page shares more frequent updates on Iowa water trails, developments in the Cedar Valley, local river conditions, and more.  Can we get 300 “likes” before the new year?

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