4.4 George Wyth State Park

George Wyth State Park River Access

Jurisdiction: Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Access number: 168
Launch type: Boat ramp
Next segment skill level: Beginner
Next segment classification: Gateway
Distance to next access: 1.0 miles

The river access at George Wyth State Park is situated at the end of a short roadway off Wyth Road.  The park’s campground is approximately one-quarter (¼) mile northwest of the river access and is connected to the access area by road, an unpaved walking path, and the Cedar Valley Lakes Trail.  While George Wyth State Park includes a wide variety of amenities, including several boat and carry-down accesses to lakes within the park, the river access is relatively isolated with only a few facilities nearby.  A restroom is situated about 780 feet from the boat ramp, though there is currently no direct path to the restroom.

Near the boat ramp, there is a paved walking path to the shoreline of the Cedar River.  The paved area can be used for fishing and interacting with the river.  The existing parking lot offers an abundance of parking spaces, and there is plenty of room for maneuvering trailers and large vehicles.  The boat ramp itself is wider than average and in good condition.  This river access is a great starting point for first-time paddlers.

Public Comments

Two respondents indicated they would like restrooms and drinking water at the George Wyth State Park access.

Site Recommendations

Minimal improvements are recommended for the Cedar River access at George Wyth State Park.  Planned improvements include a 1,600 square foot area for pollinator plantings, a mowed trail and directional signage to the restrooms nearby, and the appropriate water trails signage.  Existing parking is plentiful, and congestion is not a problem.

Future improvements could include shoreline improvements, such as terraced stones and seating areas, that would benefit campground visitors and define the relationship between the park and the river.

Cost Estimate